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Our priority in Rewaa is providing retailers with anything they need to run their business, sell however and wherever their customers are, enhance their retailing experience with the technological advancements in tools. 

Rewaa POS for retailers: Selling everywhere, managing everything in one single dashboard:

1- Supports multiple locations:

Your journey with Rewaa POS will start with adding the locations in which you want to install and use Rewaa POS in. Rawaa POS allows the Admin to add multiple locations (branches or warehouses).

What are the benefits of Locations in the Rawaa POS?

  • Perform all sales operations at each added location with the registers you assigned to the branch and the employees who work in it.
  • Added branches and locations will not be treated as separate businesses with separate operations and results.
  • You will receive the data of the transactions performed in each branch in one centralized dashboard. 
  • Rewaa POS will give you the means to review the revenue, gross profit, every payment method’s transactions and value, total sales for each branch and the branches combined.

2- Unlimited number of registers:

Rawaa POS will create a default register as the primary register for each location you have chosen to install Rewaa POS in, and later on, you can create an unlimited number of registers for each location.

What are the benefits of the registers and sales page in the Rawaa POS?

  • Rewaa POS does not allow more than one user/employee to enter and use the same register to sell products simultaneously, thus ensuring that all transactions made by the employees assigned to the register are monitored.
  • Entering sales opening and closing amounts to ensure accurate monitoring of the cash flow and to avoid thefts. 
  • Entering the amount to be added into or withdrawn from the register. This process will be recorded and shown in the Register Report.
  • You can pause a sale process to start another sale, then go back to complete the previous sale without losing any data.

3- Detailed product management:

Adding products will be the first step that the retailer takes before selling, and Rawaa believes in the utmost importance of covering all product details to ensure a smooth sales process and accurate product tracking. 

أدر نشاطك التجاري اونلاين و اوفلاين من شاشة واحدة

 مع منــــصـــــة رِواء لإدارة الـــمــخـزون والمبـــيـــعات 

أدر نشاطك التجاري اونلاين و اوفلاين من شاشة واحدة

 مع منــــصـــــة رِواء لإدارة الـــمــخـزون والمبـــيـــعات 

What are the benefits of product management in the Rawaa POS?

  • Due to the difference in the types of products that are often sold, Rawaa POS allows you to choose the type of product you want to add:
    • Simple product: Has only one type, such as books.
    • Variable product: Has several options and various types, such as colors and sizes in clothes.
    • Digital product: Intangible products such as e-books or e-cards such as Recharge Cards.
    • Composite product: When you combine multiple products to create a complete set sold as a single product.
  • You can sell the product in a pack. Let’s say you sell a product both as a single product and as a bundle at the same time; you can connect the individual product with the pack created to ensure accurate tracking of the available quantity.
  • Generate a product code (SKU) for each product to keep track of the quantities available for each product by simply searching for its SKU.
  • Track valuable products and electronics with their Serial Number
  • Track products with an expiration date by their Batch ID and monitor all products from the same batch.
  • Track and store weighted products in Weight Units instead of quantities, and print barcodes for them.

4- Receive and manage online orders:

You can list the products available in your branches in multiple online sales channels (such as e-commerce) in one click and manage their orders in the POS used in your branches.

What are the benefits of managing online orders in the Rawaa POS?

  • Receiving online orders and sales channels on the branch’s POS instead of using a separate website to manage them.
  • Eliminating the need to hire employees to manage online orders, as the branch cashier will be responsible for handling them.
  • Using the branches as a shipping center, therefore you will not need a separate inventory for the online sales channel.
  • Deliver the order from the branch nearest to the customer and reduce shipping costs.

5- Inventory management and tracking:

You will not need a separate system to manage your business’ inventory. Rewaa POS allows you to manage your inventory and products list and track their stock levels from a central dashboard connected to the POS. 

What are the benefits of inventory management in Rawaa POS?

  • As we mentioned above, Rawaa POS supports multiple locations businesses besides selling in online channels and marketplaces, as all these sales channels will be connected to a single inventory.
  • Rewaa POS will automatically update the available stock quantities once any sale is completed from any sales channel.
  • You will receive notifications when the stock quantity reaches a specified level, as a reminder to send purchase orders to the supplier and rotate the goods in hand when needed.
  • Manage all suppliers and purchases for all branches and online sales channels and ensure not to order more than the required quantity. Therefore, avoid any overstock issues.
  • Manage and track Stock Transfer processes to stop selling products that are temporarily unavailable until they reach the specified location.
  • Ease the Stock Count process by reviewing the available quantity for each location, entering the new quantity, and calculating the cost for each count.

6- E-invoices approved by ZATCA:

Rewaa is verified by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) as POS Software Provider for issuing E-Invoices. Rewaa POS issues and stores an unlimited number of E-Invoices that are easy to retrieve and review at any time.

What are the benefits of using Rewaa POS for E-Invoicing?

  • Rewaa POS will issue E-Invoices that comply with ZATCA’s requirements of Tax Invoices after completing any sale in any sales channel.
  • Control tax inclusive products and include the Tax Rate and Value in the invoice.
  • Receive all E-Invoices from all sales channels in one place, and enable retrieving and sharing them when needed.
  • Easy access to all E-Invoices from all sales channels to provide a smooth product return process of products sold from any channel.
  • Complete freedom over invoice template.

7- Accounting software integration:

You can integrate your Rawaa POS with your Accounting System to reduce the time wasted in manual accounting operations and human errors and ensure accurate sales and cash flow data.

What are the benefits of integrating Rawaa POS into your Accounting system?

  • All sales and purchase invoices will be sent automatically to the Accounting System, so you will ensure having up-to-date and accurate daily data without the need to enter his invoices manually.
  • Products, suppliers, customers, and location information will be sent to the Accounting System after every sale is completed using Rewaa POS.
  • All sales and purchase returns from the customer and to the supplier will be synchronized with the Accounting System.
  • You can validate payments by matching actual payments made to suppliers with purchase orders and invoices.

8- Multiple payment methods:

Rawaa believes that providing more than one payment method and allowing customers to choose the preferred method can positively affect sales volume. 

What are the benefits of payment options provided in the Rawaa POS?

  • Rawaa allows the following primary payment methods:
    • Cash
    • Credit Card
    • Postpay
    • Multiple sale: Using more than one payment method and splitting the amount over them.
  • You can add any additional payment method (for example, STC Pay), and the new payment method will appear on the sale page and you will be able to provide it to your customers as a payment method.
  • In the case of Postpay, the sales invoice and the Debit Amount will be stored in the customer’s profile, to allow you to follow up on all the amounts required to be collected from each customer.

9- Complete control over user permissions:

Some employees have clear responsibilities assigned to them, and some are involved in managing and executing multiple tasks. This is why Rawaa POS allows you to define, assign, and disable the degrees and permission for each employee using the system. 

What are the benefits of controlling employee permissions in the Rawaa?

  • Rewaa POS has 5 main roles for employees: 
    • Admin: Has permissions to all access system resources.
    • Warehouse Manager: Authorized to access information associated with stock and inventory management.
    • Orders Manager: Authorized to access information associated with stock and order management.
    • Store Manager: Authorized to access details related to cashiers and all sales operations.
    • Cashier: Has access to Registers and sales page.
  • You have further control over how and what the employees can access in the system. When adding any employee, you can set the degree of authority they have:
    • Designate the type and degree of access; for example, the employees can only view/read the date without being able to update/edit on them.
    • Disable or activate all permissions at any level (for example, access to settings or inventory).

10- Comprehensive and unified customer data:

Rawaa POS provides comprehensive customer profiles which tell you everything about the customers you want to bring onto your business, increase their brand loyalty, and improve their marketing efforts.

What are the advantages of customer data in the Rawaa POS?

  • Once the customer completes a sale, his data will be stored in a profile dedicated to the customer, which includes:
    • Customer name and demographic information
    • Average and total number of customer visits
    • Average and total value of purchases
    • Customer invoices
    • Products purchased
  • If the customer returns to buy from your brand, the sale data will be saved in the same profile instead of being registered as a new customer, thus having complete comprehensive data representing the customer’s purchasing behavior.
  • Provide personalized suggestions to the customer based on their purchase history and interests.
  • Offer loyalty programs to customers and allow them to earn points from any sale channel they use, and redeem them using any channel they desire. 

11- Comprehensive Retailer’s report:

Reports and analytics are extremely essential to any retailer, as they inform you of what’s exactly going on with your business, be aware of its performance, and enable you to have a solid base when establishing future plans. 

What are the advantages of the Retailer’s report from Rawaa POS?

  • Monitor daily, weekly, monthly and annual income for each sales channel / branch or all branches combined.
  • Compare sales and revenue between different periods.
  • Get detailed reports for:
    • Sales per product category
    • Quantity sold and returned for each product
    • Sales per employee
    • Sales of products from each supplier
    • Highest demand and profitable products
    • Revenue, gross profit, and collected amounts
    • Sales methods used (number of transactions and value) 

In addition to that, in Rawaa, we offer additional services to assist and give you a smooth, unchallenging experience with Rawaa POS:

  • Free technical support throughout the subscription period
  • Training employees to use Rewaa POS
  • Rewaa POS supports and suits the needs of various retail sectors.
  • Unlimited POS systems for each branch 

Start selling in multiple channels and manage them seamlessly and effortlessly in one POS.

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