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Customized for Every Business

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Rewaa POS System Features

Customized program for every business type.

Access Rewaa easily through browsers or the app for a seamless experience on Apple AppStore or Google Play Store.

Continue making sales even without an internet connection as the POS system allows completing transactions smoothly, ensuring that your business operations remain uninterrupted.
Minimize errors in transaction amounts by integrating Rewaa’s POS system with the payment device. This seamless integration ensures a direct transfer of invoices directly from the payment device to the system, eliminating the need for manual entry and reducing the human error risk.
Simplify the process of calculating employee commissions with Rewaa’s updated reports. These reports provide insights into each employee’s sales performance, making it easier to calculate commissions and identify areas for staff performance improvement.

Rewaa Point-of-Sale

Seamless & Quick Sales

Point-of-Sale Main Features

Selling Methods | Employee Permissions | Payment Options | Promotions Types
Rewaa POS offers multiple sales methods, allowing transactions through barcode scanning, product name or code searches, and even visual sales with images. This enhances cashiers’ efficiency, speeds up the sales process, and reduces human errors.
Control your workforce easily with Rewaa. Add an unlimited number of users, control their permissions based on their roles (e.g., manager, warehouse manager, …etc.), and specify branch-related access for each employee.
To better serve your customers and grow your business, Rewaa offers different payment options. Whether it’s cash, credit card, or postpaid sales, we provide flexible payment choices that suit both your business and customers.
Empower your business with Rewaa’s built-in app for launching and managing offers and promotions. Customize discounts by percentage or fixed price, set start and end dates, and control the duration of each promotion to attract and retain customers effectively.

Empower Your Business Experience with Rewaa

Added Values for Every Business

All-In-One Business Management

No matter your industry, Rewaa serves as your dedicated technical partner, facilitating inventory, sales, accounting, and payment processes.

Cut Operational Expenses

By automating business operations, Rewaa minimizes errors stemming from manual entries, protecting businesses from potential financial losses.

Enhanced Efficiency, Fewer Errors

Rewaa ensures higher efficiency by delivering detailed reports, enabling informed decision-making through automatically updated data, and eliminating the need for manual entries.


Yes, Rewaa provides the Expenses product for quick and accurate calculation of costs and expenses.
Absolutely, with easy steps and various methods, you can seamlessly transfer your data from any platform to the Rewaa platform.

Yes, you can download Rewaa Application from the App Store or Google Play Store, and easily track your business operations from your phone.

Yes, we provide the business owner with a cashier device, a barcode reader, and an invoice printer with no renting fees or additional charges.
Yes, Rewaa aligns with Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority regulations, ensuring your business operates in compliance with the legal and financial standards required by the Authority.
Currently, we offer an annual and a two-year subscription for Rewaa platform, providing cost-effective pricing for your business.

You can reach us through our live chat within the platform or by calling us at: 8001244020.

No, all updates are free and automatically integrated into your account in Rewaa platform.

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