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Why Rewaa POS System?

A program designed to meet retail stores needs

You can access the system through browsers or download Rewaa application from Apple AppStore, or Google Play Store.

Where you can use the POS system and complete sales even if the Internet connection is interrupted, so you will not have to stop your work or disable the customer until the Internet connection is restored again.

To avoid errors related to entering amounts manually when making sales operations, Rewaa has integrated the POS program with the payment device so that the amount is transferred directly from the Rewaa POS system to the payment device without the need to enter it manually.

Rewaa provides updated reports showing each employee’s sales, which facilitates calculating employees’ commission for retailers and knowing the best employees in terms of sales and employees with more need to improve their performance.

Rewaa POS System All you need for Quick and Seamless Sales

One screen for All Retailers Needs

Rewaa Point of Sale Advantages

One platform covering all retailers’ needs
Rewaa POS provides several ways to complete sales, such as using a barcode reader or searching by product name or product code. In addition to the possibility of selling with pictures that make it easier for cashiers to complete the sales process and reduce human errors.
Regardless of your employees’ roles, Rewaa system enables you to add an unlimited number of employees, control their permissions according to their job roles (E.g. manager, warehouse manager…), and select the branch and other permissions.
Every retailer needs to provide payment options to meet customer requirements, which contributes to increasing sales volume and reaching a wider customer segment. Therefore, the program provides flexible payment options such as cash, credit card, and postpaid sale.
Rewaa offers a dedicated application to provide discounts and promotions to customers where the type of discount can be controlled, whether a discount by a percentage or a discount at a fixed price, in addition to determining the start and end date and the duration of the offer.

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Dedicated retail platform

Whatever your type of business, Rewaa is designed to be the technical partner to manage all the details related to inventory management, sales and payments.

Reduce operational costs

Rewaa automates all retail store operations, reducing human errors caused by manual entries, which sometimes lead to financial losses.

Higher efficiency, lower errors

Rewaa provides accurate reports to support retailers in making informed decisions based on automatically updated numbers and directories without human intervention.


Yes, as Rewaa offers an Accounting system to help you calculate your costs and expenses quickly and accurately.

Yes, with easy steps and various ways you can transfer your data from any platform into Rewaa platform.
Yes, you can download Rewaa Application from Appstore or Google Play Store.
Yes, we provide devices at a lower price than the market price.
Currently, we only provide an annual subscription to Rewaa platform.
You can contact us either through live chats within the platform or by phone call: 8001244020
All updates are free and automatically set up on Rewaa subscribers’ systems.