Retailers Technical Partner

A Technical Solution for all Retailers Business Management
Complied with Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority

Rewaa Features

We offer features and solutions to support all retail challenges.

Rewaa role to support in reaching your business goals

Running your business from one screen

One platform to manage all your branches' sales and inventory.

Cutting costs

By unifying and automating operational processes between sales channels.

Ready to use Tax Declaration Report

Rewaa provides all the required information to issue your Tax Declaration Report from ZATCA.

Reports and Statistics

Automatically updated reports to enhance your sales.


Yes, as Rewaa offers a Simple Accounting system to help you calculate your costs and expenses quickly and accurately.
Yes, with easy steps and various ways you can transfer your data from any platform into Rewaa platform.
Yes, you can download Rewaa Application from Appstore or Google Play Store.
Yes, we provide devices at a lower price than the market price.
Currently, we only provide an annual subscription to Rewaa platform.
You can contact us either through live chats within the platform or by phone call: 8001244020
All updates are free and automatically set up on Rewaa subscribers’ systems.

Go with Rewaa and track your business performance anywhere anytime