Rewaa Story

Rewaa was founded at the beginning of 2018 by Mohammed Alqasir & Abdullah Aljadhai.

Rewaa was born to solve the problems of the retailers who seek new horizons in the e-commerce field, which they face the problem of the inability to integrate between the e-commerce channel`s inventory with the real inventory in the physical store.

Rewaa aims to transfer the retail industry to the e-commerce field, by providing cloud-based platform that integrates between the online channels and the rest of the company`s operations.

What do we provide?

Rewaa provides a cloud-based integrated platform which synchronizes the inventory between the online channels and the physical store, to make sure that the inventories units are up to date between all the sales channels.

Rewaa also manages all orders from the online channels with only one platform, and enables the retailer to ship online orders from the nearest physical store.

The platform also enables the retailer to allow physical store to refund online orders, and integrate all customers data between the online channels and the physical store.

Using Rewaa platform,the retailer will benefit from:

  1. Maximizing sales due to a variety of sales channels, and reaching new customers.
  2. Reducing shipping costs due to the ability of the retailer to ship from the nearest physical store of the customer.
  3. Increasing customer loyalty due to the high speed of shipping and lower errors such as over selling products from the online channels which are not available in the physical store, or false stockoutof not selling products in the online channels even though they are available in the physical store.

Where do we work?

Rewaa is a domestic company provides its services for all clients in the MENA region, with its head office in Riyadh, and a branch office in Cairo.

Rewaa Location

Meet The Team

Mohammed Alqasir

co-founder and CEO

Abdullah Aljadhai

co-founder and COO

Ahmed Rabie

Senior Chief Architect

Amr Ali

Chief Architect

Mosab Nazli

Software Engineer

Mohammed Adel

Software Engineer

Asmaa Mostafa

Software Engineer

Ibrahim Hussein

Software Engineer

Ibrahim Saied

Quality Assurance

Haitham Yassin


Omar Hassan

Business Developer

Abdulaziz Alsaif

Business Developer

Rahaf Alahmadi


Abdulrahman Aljadhai

السلام عليكم، تحب اخدمك في شيء؟
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