Rewaa Story

Rewaa was founded to make penetrating through the e-commerce industry easier for retailers with minimal operational and marketing costs by solving two main aspects:
Marketing aspect: Make in-store products available online. By using Rewaa Cashier System, any product in the physical store will be automatically listed in the online marketplaces and the merchant's online store.
Operational aspects: The integration between physical, online store and marketplace, eliminate the need of independent inventory for online store operations, and that will help to reduce employment cost, therefore, the physical store will be the shipping center, so whenever an order received by online store will be transferred automatically for the nearest branch from the customer. And eventually, the inventory will be automatically updated across all channels.


Our Vision

to make the retail industry more efficient by transforming it using the latest technologies


Our Mission

transform the retailers from being offline only to be both online, and offline


Target Customers

Rewaa offers its services to every retailer who owns several branches and wants to make his products available online


Our Values

1. Customers satisfaction
2. Innovation
3. Improving quality
4. Keep up with the technical progress

Our Objectives

1. Automate the retail operations
2. Provide insights to retailers to help them make informed decisions
3. To be the one stop shop and the technology partner for retailers


What do we provide?

Rewaa provides a cloud-based integrated platform which synchronizes the inventory between the online channels and the physical store, to make sure that the inventories units are up to date between all the sales channels.

Rewaa also manages all orders from the online channels with only one platform, and enables the retailer to ship online orders from the nearest physical store.

The platform also enables the retailer to allow physical store to refund online orders, and integrate all customers data between the online channels and the physical store.

Outcome Expected of Using Rewaa platform:

Maximizing sales

1. Make product available on multichannel
2. Reaching new customers
3. Providing the highest quality services by shortening the delivery time, since the shipment will be handled from the closest shop to the customer

Reduce costs

1. Automation operations
2. Ship from the nearest store to customer

Increase customer loyalty

1. Return or Exchange online orders from physical store
2. Avoiding expected errors in inventory management


Where do we work?

Rewaa offers its services to every retailer who owns several branches and wants to make his products available online.

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