Partnering with Rewaa will help you increase your profits and customer base!

Rewaa offers the easiest accounting and cashier software tailored for business owners.

The sectors Rewaa serves

Retail Sector

Food and Beverage

Services Sector

Wholesale Sector

How does your partnering with Rewaa benefit you?

Partnering with Rewaa will help you increase your profits and customer base!

In 2023, Rewaa introduced more than 60 new features to its customers 
and closed the latest investment round with 100 million Saudi Riyals!

Types of partnerships with Rewaa and the benefits of each

Collaboration Partnership

Collaborative partners work by integrating efforts with Rewaa to offer the best modern services to both companies and customers.

Integration Partnership

The integration partnership enhances mutual growth by integrating your services or products with Rewaas solutions to ensure a more seamless and effective customer experience.

Reselling Partnership

The reselling partnership prompts your sales by adding Rewaa’s tech solutions to your product list

Affiliate Marketing Partnership

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn commissions by promoting Rewaa’s products through your marketing channels, quickly increasing your business’s income.

Join Rewaa's partners

and offer the latest tech solutions to your customers with Rewaa

Contribute to providing the latest

tech solutions to business

Partnering with Rewaa will prompt your company’s profits and customer number


Rewaa provides innovative solutions through its accounting and cashier program for business owners across the Kingdom. Rewaa platform also simplifies sales operations, accounting, inventory management, and promotional management.
Partnering with Riwa means mutual growth and a beneficial customer exchange between your company and Rewaa, as well as offering more comprehensive services to the end customer and meeting a greater range of their needs.

Rewaa offers several types of partnerships:

  • Collaboration Partnership: Integrating technologies and modern solutions of both companies to achieve common goals.
  • Integration Partnership: Enhancing mutual growth and improving customer experience by integrating your services with Rewaa solutions.
  • Reselling Partnership: Increasing your business sales by adding Rewaa’s solutions to your product list.
  • Affiliate Marketing Partnership: Earning a commission for marketing Riwa’s products which is an easy way to increase your company’s income.
Large investment companies, B2B service providers, tech solutions companies, e-commerce development companies, delivery service companies, and other companies that provide tech services to businesses.
Your business customers will definitely benefit from Rewaa’s tech solutions and services because Rewaa’s solutions are comprehensive and serve several important aspects for every business owner. This includes accounting software, cashier systems and devices, and an inventory management program in one app to track business operations. At the same time, Rewaa will rely on the partners’ services and solutions, which will benefit your business by meeting Rewaa’s customer needs for your company’s services, which will be linked with Riwa.
By filling out the attached partnership form. Rewaa team will then contact you to explore mutual collaboration opportunities and partnership options.

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