Rewaa is ready for E-invoicing ...
Therefore you are!

Issue E-invoices and comply with ZATCA’s
requirements with Rewaa POS!

How would Rewaa help you abide by the E-invoicing law?


Issue unlimited number of Tax invoices in electronic format


Issued E-invoices consist of all the Tax Invoice requirements

Can be used with all types of Invoice Printers

ZATCA approves

Rewaa as an E-invoicing system:

Additional free benefits
with Rewaa:

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Rewaa provides an Omnichannel cloud-based inventory and sales management platform and system. We guarantee comprehensive monitoring and management over Inventory, Suppliers, Sales, and other business operations.
Rewaa issues E-invoices every time you sell to the end consumer.
Through Rewaa, you can integrate your Branches with the Online Store and integrate them all with your Accounting Software, in addition to integrating with ZATCA’s systems in the future.
All taxable individuals/institutions for VAT purposes must issue E-Invoices for all sales operations with the end-consumer.
Handwritten and Scanned and Invoices written in spreadsheets and word editing programs are not considered E-invoices.
Using an electronic system to issue, store, exchange invoices in a structured electronic format.

The right system for your E-Invoices

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